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Multiple pens, ink bottles, ink samples, notebooks, and accessories laid out across the desk.
2024 Atlanta Pen Show Highlights

Highlights, including the "haul," from my second pen show weekend! I returned to the Atlanta Pen Show after attending for the first time a year ago.

Sheet of paper with ink swatches and a selection of 5 different swatching tools.
Ink Swatching Tools

I do a lot of fountain pen ink swatching, so finding reusable tools that would produce a good swatch and could be cleaned quickly and easily at my desk was important.

Small pouch and notebook on a restaurant table.
Pen Meetup Toolkit

Join me for a "bag dump" of the pouch of accessories and tools that I bring when meeting up with pen friends.

A stack of Col-o-dex cards each showing a small sliver of color.
23 Memorable Inks in 2023

A look back at 23 inks used in 2023 that became favorites or otherwise made an impression.

A small wooden tray with col-o-dex cards of ink swatches sorted by color.
120 Col-o-dex Cards

In mid-April I started on a project to re-swatch all my inks on Col-o-dex cards with little sketches inspired by the ink name, packaging, and/or color. Now four months in, I took a look back at the process so far.

Several Sailor Manyo square glass bottles spread out across a wood desktop.

Since I'm obsessed with fountain pen inks, I came up with my own list of questions.